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10 Best HVAC Apps for Service Techs in 2022

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is a built-in system offering residents hot and cool air without losing ventilation and indoor air quality. There are plenty of heat load calculation systems and software available today, which can simplify the complicated task for the HVAC service providers.

Modern HVAC technicians expect everything handy when it comes to heat load calculation. It is essential to have the right information and resources available in hand to serve the customers in the fields. HVAC software or residential load calculator apps could be the best alternative to keep critical information handy. 

If you search the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for the “HVAC” term, you will find thousands of apps available for you. But not all of them could be useful for your HVAC load calculation services. So, how would you decide which HVAC software or HVAC load calculator app to go for? That’s where this blog post plays a vital role. We’ve listed a few of the handiest and most useful HVAC apps technicians must use to perform a heat load calculation or any other activities related to their HVAC business. So, let’s take a look at each of them!

Calculation Apps:

1# EDS

It is one of the most well-known and powerful HVAC apps available. It’s one of the simplest, fastest, and most accurate home energy solutions available. The app can assist you in determining the appropriate size, application, and type of HVAC system for a residential property.

You can simply alter your traditional HVAC business with an EDS HVAC load calculator that brings a user-friendly interface and dedicated customer support. This amazing app also helps service providers in defining bulk discounts on home energy audit services. Furthermore, the software includes an HVAC auditor to assist service providers in conducting advanced HVAC audits and closing more sales.

The good news is that the EDS team will provide outstanding support. The only disadvantage is that you may have to choose from the different subscription models.

2# HVAC Superheat Calculator

It is a diagnostic calculator for the HVAC load calculation service providers to get details on subcooling and airflow calculations. One of the main reasons it will be handy is because as an HVAC load calculation service provider when you visit someone’s home, the ultimate reason for appliance overheating is because of clogged air filters, and not-so-clean condenser coils, or poorly maintained HVAC systems. This app will help you diagnose such issues on the go.

Apps for Troubleshooting:

3# Bluon 

Being into the HVAC load calculation service often leads to a state where you may find yourself all alone and need a helping hand to get the job done. Bluon is one such unique app that offers troubleshooting, crucial information, and quick support during your field services. With more than thirty-five thousand HVAC units’ easily searchable data, including their manuals, parts, system control breakdowns, and more, it becomes easy for the HVAC load calculator service providers to troubleshoot different HVAC systems quickly.

4# measureQuick HVAC

This is another useful troubleshooting app every HVAC load calculation service provider should use. It helps you diagnose systems issues while you are working in the field. You can use this app on a daily basis since it helps you store a wide range of data and information using a central repository. Also, you can keep track of various projects going on along with various details such as images, equipment models, measurements, GPS location maps, serial number logs, and more.  

Business Apps:

5# GEMAIRE HVAC Contractor Assist

Developed by one of the largest HVAC distributors, GEMAIRE brings product information and tools to the field technicians. It empowers service engineers or field staff to create their personal accounts in the app and get access to check the real-time status updates for the orders, jobs, and more. Furthermore, the technicians can also check the availability of the parts required to perform a specific job on the go. The app also brings extensive information in the form of installation guides, user manuals, and so on to help the technicians get familiar.

6# CompanyCam

When it comes to enhancing the field services for your HVAC business, you must improve communication between your field staff and the back office team. And that’s where the CompanyCam app comes in handy. This smart HVAC service app helps HVAC load calculation service providers streamline communication. It helps technicians to shoot photos of job locations and share them across the teams. This, in the end, helps the HVAC service provider to reduce the number of disputes between customers and internal teams. 

Utility Apps:

7# Refrigerant Slider

It is a simple yet effective pressure-to-temperature refrigerant converter app designed for HVAC technicians. It covers more than 69 types of different refrigerants, which helps technicians gain access to various information about different types of refrigerants. This amazing app helps HVAC technicians to gain access to vital information on Global Warming Potential and Ozone Depleting Potential based on the different refrigerant materials. 

8# HVAC Load Plus

This HVAC app is a service companion for technicians in the field. Using this app, the technicians can easily perform sizing of cooling and heating units on the go. It becomes easy for the field staff to carry out such complex calculations using this app and represent it to the customer. Also, it is possible for the technicians to send such information to the back-end team of the service provider to help them decide on the right kind of HVAC system. 

9/10# HVAC Buddy – i) HVAC Charging & Diagnostic ii) HVAC Pressure Temperature 

It is an amazing app that can help HVAC technicians perform HVAC charging & diagnostic and HVAC pressure-temperature. It is very handy to calculate superheat and other subcooling targets related to heating and cooling appliances or systems. This app is so great that it can be used for troubleshooting by the technicians to ensure the right maintenance and share reports via emails to the client. You can even use the HVAC pressure-temperature app on the web too.

Now that you know the right tools for your HVAC business, you can easily try these apps out to understand how well you can streamline your field services. Using apps like EDS Residential HVAC Calculator, you can easily automate the tedious and time-consuming process of sizing the HVAC systems and streamline your day-to-day activities.