The best HVAC load calculation software for HVAC contractors
5 Best HVAC Software

5 Best HVAC Software to Simplify HVAC Load Calculations for the HVAC Contractors

From the customers’ point of view, when it comes to HVAC systems, they look for many things such as pricing, brand, and size as well as the type of the HVAC system to be installed. But what about the HVAC home auditor or HVAC contractors? How do they simplify their tedious and time-consuming HVAC load calculation job?

Well, there are a number of automated tools and HVAC software available in the market that can help them simplify their jobs. A good and useful HVAC load calculator app can save you the time, money, and efforts it takes to conduct a home energy audit or heat load calculation during your service or site visit.

But, as an HVAC home auditor, how do you know which HVAC software or HVAC business apps are right for your HVAC business? To help you out, we’ve narrowed down the list of the best HVAC calculator apps to simplify your job.

  • EDS: Finding the correct heating and cooling load calculation is crucial to design the right-sized HVAC system for your customers. And EDS, an HVAC load calculation app, does it right without much effort. It is a handy HVAC load calculator application to enable HVAC home auditors or technicians to calculate the heating and cooling block loads for any kind of HVAC system.

By entering the basic details, such as the location, a number of rooms, windows, and construction material of the HVAC system installed, the EDS HVAC load calculator gives immediate load calculation results.

One of the biggest benefits of EDS HVAC software is that apart from performing the conventional calculations for heat and load, you can even define various discounts on your home energy audit services. Moreover, HVAC home auditors can conduct advanced audits and close more sales on the go. All you need to do is to select the right kind of subscription model and that’s it!

  • HVACR Check and Charge: It is always frustrating when it comes to calculating the charges of refrigerant manually. You may either end up overcharging or undercharging which may damage the HVAC system.

The HVACR check and charge is an easy and efficient on-site refrigerant charge calculator for air conditioning and other cooling applications. Starting from airflow and target superheat to other HVAC load calculations, this HVAC load calculator does a fantastic job. 

It offers superheat and cool calculations for various refrigerants accurately. It also helps you with changes required in the HVAC system based on the cooling conditions. And the best part of this HVAC software is that it is totally free!

  • Duct Calc Elite: One of the biggest challenges for the HVAC home auditors is to effectively judge small ducts when it comes to HVAC load calculations. The size of the duct heavily affects the performance and life of the HVAC system and thus, it is imperative for the HVAC contractors to get help from the HVAC load calculator applications like Duct Calc Elite.

This tool brings amazing support for the HVAC home auditors to get accurate measurements and suggestions when it comes to calculating the duct spaces. The application supports various units, engaging interfaces, and other options for elevation, velocity, air temperature, and a lot more information related to the ducts.

You can even consider multiple calculation modes such as airflow mode, pressure drop mode, dimension mode, and so on. This in the end will enhance the overall calculation process and improve the accuracy level of the HVAC system design.

  • Bluon HVAC: It is yet another great HVAC software that can ease HVAC load calculation for HVAC contractors. Bluon HVAC simplifies the heating and cooling load calculation for residential and commercial buildings.

Starting from precise load calculations to training and round-the-clock support, this application brings everything that an HVAC contractor would expect to speed up their tedious and complex job. 

Like any other HVAC software, this application also helps you calculate subcooling, airflow, superheating, and a lot of other things. Apart from all these, you can even measure the nitrogen pressure using this tool, which is a differentiator for this application.

In case you are working on any project that is environment-friendly, then you can definitely go ahead with Bluon HVAC since it has included the environment-friendly R-22 alternative refrigerants.

  • HVAC Superheat Calculator: It is crucial for HVAC contractors to measure the exact superheat values at varying temperature points to keep the HVAC system running smoothly. You can use an HVAC superheat calculator to ensure that the entire refrigerant is free from any leakage or liquid.

This HVAC software brings both the options, manual HVAC load calculations, and automated HVAC load calculator. The best part of this application is that it brings more than 100 refrigerant options along with a pressure temperature chart for an accurate diagnosis. With its easy-to-use interface and detailed instructions, HVAC contractors can easily carry out accurate superheat calculations on the go.

Remember, only the right-sized HVAC system can deliver optimum performance and keep the in-house ambiance comfortable. If you make blunders calculating the HVAC loads, you will end up with either too small or too large an HVAC system design, which will affect the performance and life of the HVAC system while causing discomfort to the home users.

Therefore, it is important that you start using tools like EDS to automate the HVAC Load Calculation Service process. Now that you have the list of the top 5 HVAC load calculator apps, you can easily try them out to understand how it simplifies the HVAC load calculation for you.

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