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EDS Has launched HVAC engineering and sales systems

Energy Design Systems Has Launched EDS – Complete Suite for HVAC Service Providers

Today, Energy Design Systems (EDS), an industry leader in providing and implementing HVAC engineering and sales systems, has launched EDS – a complete suite of connected solutions and services that combine the Company’s 20 years of HVAC industry expertise with cutting-edge technology. This digital platform, when used together for load calculation and home energy audits, will make heat and cooling load calculations easier for the HVAC service providers.

Indoor environmental quality remains a top-notch problem for HVAC equipment providers. It becomes difficult to come up with accurate heating or cooling load calculations. And such inaccurate readings result in wrongly designed HVAC solutions for the homeowners.

Therefore, HVAC service providers are increasingly looking for solutions that can help them monitor and verify the entire indoor spaces and automatically provide accurate heat or cooling load calculations.

To address the need, EDS designed a solution that enables HVAC professionals to automate the tedious and erroneous process of calculating heating or cooling loads. It will help HVAC service providers get rid of unreliable and inaccurate readings. The USP of the EDS HVAC load calculator is that it helps service providers perform calculations remotely. Take a look at the video of EDS’s HVAC load calculator software for more details:

Glimpse of EDS’s HVAC Load calculator features:

  • It is the fastest HVAC load calculator, which offers precise readings about heat loss or gain to the contractors and consumers. It can perform a whole house block load calculation in less than 5 minutes.
  • Elegantly designed interface and reports.
  • Easy learning curve
  • Enable contractors to carry out verification remotely
  • Helps consumers to get right-sized HVAC system installed at home 

Another interesting feature of EDS HVAC software is the home auditor that will help service providers show their customers where and how they can save money. The EDS home auditor will help auditors simplify the overall home audit process.

With easy to use interface, dynamic workflows, top-notch security, and 99.96% uptime, EDS’s HVAC software has helped popular brands like Carrier, Daikin, Trane, York, TEC, Goodman, and more to boost their business efficiency and overall sales.

“We’re pleased to combine our unmatched expertise and data with new capabilities in the form of HVAC load calculation and home auditing software that will help service providers take more informed decisions and provide energy-efficient HVAC systems to the consumers.”

EDS customers will be able to:

  • Try HVAC Load Calculator & HVAC Home Auditors for FREE. Yes, the company has announced a 14 Day FREE Trial of home auditor and load calculator to help customers test the software capabilities and various features.
  • Define & Configure Multiple Design conditions. The HVAC service provider can define various conditions, such as summer indoor design temperature, outdoor design temperature, Moisture difference, and so on.
  • Configure and define Attic, Walls, and Glass measurements.
  • Leverage a highly intuitive interface. A clear and easy-to-digest format of the load calculation is the USP of EDS. It becomes easy for the layman to understand the calculations and plan the HVAC system accordingly.
  • Get help from the technical experts anytime. EDS is committed to providing dedicated support to its clients. And therefore, they are offering 24×7 technical support to their clients.
  • Get bulk discounts. It is easy to save money with EDS HVAC software. The company is offering huge discounts for bulk users or multiple user accounts.
  • Security is at the center of the HVAC software. EDS designed HVAC load calculator software with safety at its core. Each of the EDS software is designed and developed with robust design protocols for security and privacy.

The company has also launched a brand new website to promote its HVAC load calculator and home auditor software. With this new website, the company has embarked their journey in the world of digital marketing. The EDS team is confident that their HVAC software suite and a new website will help them acquire more customers in the future.

About EDS

Founded in 1991, EDS serves manufacturers, distributors, and contractors associated with the HVAC industry in North America. EDS allows service contractors to operate their business from anywhere. With the help of the Load Calculator and Home Auditor, the company has revolutionized the way of carrying out HVAC system calculations. You can learn more about EDS at eds.tech