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Why Use HVAC Lead Generation Tool?

The Lead Generation Tool enhances your website by offering an interactive experience that engages and educates potential customers on the energy and money they could save when visiting your HVAC or Home Performance contracting website. It is designed to not only captivate your visitors’ attention, but create a trusted understanding and credible experience with you and the service(s) you offer. This innovative tool effectively turns casual browsing into actionable leads, ultimately boosting your lead conversion rates and reliable brand awareness.

Elevate Your Lead Generation Strategy

Customization is straightforward – you simply select your brand’s color scheme, upload your logo, and select what data to present to your customers. Set up once, and the tool takes care of the rest, operating seamlessly. When prospects submit their details through the form, they receive a comprehensive Heat Load Calculation report while you receive valuable lead information, streamlining your path to lead conversion.

Maximize Your ROI

When subscribed to our influential HVAC consumer lead generation tool, you gain access to increased leads, and stand out from competitors. Integrate our Home Energy Auditor tool for optimized data reports. By engaging and educating visitors, you can build trust within your business methodologies and influence them to choose your HVAC services immediately. You’ll then receive their details to leverage for better targeted marketing campaigns to continue driving higher conversions.

Attract High-Value Customers

Focus your resources on prospects ready to engage with your HVAC services, and filter out ineffective leads, with our lead generation tool. The Lead Generation Tool is designed to identify and capture high-intent leads by offering them an interactive, user-friendly calculation of heat loss/heat gain loads and energy modeling – all complimentary. Your interested website visitors are more likely to convert to your most lucrative customers.

Fully Tailored to Your Brand

Our HVAC lead generation software is the epitome of a bespoke solution, designed to seamlessly integrate with your brand identity. Effortlessly embed it onto your website to increase the conversion of high-intent HVAC service leads. The embedded form is a mirror of your distinct brand aesthetic and capabilities. With just a home address and a few clicks from a potential client, you receive comprehensive details about their home, along with their contact information. They, in turn, receive a detailed analysis report directly from your white-labeled dashboard.

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FREE 14-Day Trial • Cancel Anytime

Powerful White-Label Lead Generation Software

  • Boost your email list with new subscribers.
  • Receive alerts for incoming new leads.
  • Enjoy flexible form placement options on your site.
  • Effortlessly integrate our Home Energy Auditor with our Lead Generation Tool.
  • Customize forms to receive high-quality leads.
  • Automatically dispatch branded audit reports directly to your clients’ inboxes.

How HVAC Lead Generation Software Works

The Lead Generation Tool is an online customer engagement, education and lead
generation tool that resides on an HVAC or Home Performance contractor’s website

Easy to Use Online with Desktop or Mobile

Our user-friendly online Consumer Lead Generation Tool is designed to convert visitors into loyal customers with ease. The setup process is straightforward:

  • Customize your widget in the generator section, tweaking the title, type, and description to suit your needs.
  • Then, select a button label and color that align with your brand.
  • Click the “Save and Generate widget” button to receive your unique widget link.
  • Integrate this link into your website, and you are ready to start capturing HVAC service leads!

Streamlined Home Auditor Report

The Lead Generation Tool streamlines our comprehensive Home Auditor program into an accessible format. It offers visitors an intuitive interface for conducting rapid heat loss/heat gain load assessments and energy modeling calculations with minimal effort. A potential client simply inputs their home address and interacts with a few data points. Following this, their contact details and specific house information are securely acquired and sent directly to you.

Elegant, Customized, White-Label HVAC PDF Reports

Secure more business with our polished HVAC consumer lead generation tool, featuring clear and compelling language that prompts decisive action from users. Customize with ease by uploading your logo, inserting your company information, and tailoring the design to match your branding. Produce a custom Home Auditor Report PDF within seconds.

Seamless Home Auditor Report Integration

Elevate your lead generation directly from your website using the embeddable Home Auditor Tool. Incorporate a sleek audit form that harmonizes with your site’s design and color scheme. Offer your customers an attractive, branded interface for heat loss/heat gain load and energy modeling calculations that encourage engagement.

Stay informed with instant email notifications about new leads and their information. Effortlessly export these leads and their respective reports to any CRM or marketing tool, such as MailChimp, Active Campaign, or Salesforce, etc. for streamlined follow-up and engagement.

Ideal for HVAC Contractors of All Sizes

  • Maximize Efficiency – Countless hours traditionally spent by HVAC contractors on manual Home Auditor Reports can now be automated, producing results in mere seconds.
  • Deliver Stunning Reports – Impress your clients and potential customers with detailed, aesthetically pleasing reports on heat loss/heat gain load and energy modeling calculations that appear meticulously crafted.
  • Attract More Business – Transform your website into a powerful lead-generation engine. Utilize White-Label PDF Reports, along with the Home Auditor Tool, to capture trusted leads directly through your site.

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