EDS Consumer Tool

The EDS Consumer Tool is an online customer engagement, education and lead
generation tool that resides on an HVAC or Home Performance contractor’s website. This
tool is a great way to increase website engagement and reduce visitor bounce rates,
making your website more alluring and resulting in more lead conversions.

With the EDS Consumer tool your company’s credibility increases, and you position yourself as a knowledgeable, and trusted expert.

At it’s core, the EDS Consumer Tool is a simplified version of our popular Home
Auditor program. Features include quick and friendly heat loss/heat gain load and energy-
modeling calculations that visitors can manipulate with just a few clicks.

Once the potential client enters their home address and clicks a few data points, their contact information along with house details are saved and forwarded to you. At this point, you have a growing list of passively generated concrete leads ready to convert into sales. Try out our demo tool below!