Your workflow, streamlined

With EDS you can spend less time staring at a spreadsheet and more time closing your sale.

Our HVAC Load Calculator is the quickest, most contractor and consumer friendly, supremely accurate heat loss/heat gain load calculation software application available.

A Comfort Advisor can perform a whole house block load calculation in under 5 minutes. This is possible be utilizing data from Google Earth, Zillow, and real estate databases along with a complex series of algorithms and equations.  The user interface and reports are elegant and streamlined.  There are many basic assumptions of factors that are INITIALLY made (and can be done remotely before going to the house), but they do require an in–home verification and truing up in order to arrive at an accurate block load.

This simplistic sales tool can be mastered in minutes and help differentiate you from your competition when utilized appropriately as part of an integrated Buyer Guidance (Sales) Process. This is a critical step in the Buyer Guidance Process that over 80% of all salespeople fail to do.   This simple step will help you legally and ethically discredit contractors that size systems based on existing equipment, square footage or unreliable and inaccurate rules of thumb. The process can performed remotely to estimate the load and then trued-up once in the home.

In fact, ACCA, ASHRAE, the EPA and DOE, and even Consumers Reports state that if a contractor verifies the size of equipment by only looking at the existing equipment or measuring only the square footage, that a homeowner should not do business with such a contractor.

Conducting an HVAC load calculation allows the contractor to properly size the equipment and take into consideration any additions or home performance measures and adjust the load and properly assess airflow requirements of the duct system for maximum comfort, efficiency, performance, longevity, and energy savings.  If a contractor does not measure and test they are just guessing.