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Home Auditor

Auditor is the quickest, most contractor and consumer friendly, supremely accurate heat loss/heat gain load calculation and home performance modeling software on the planet!  All the calculations come right out of the ACCA manual.  It is one of only a few software programs that allows a user to calibrate and true up energy calculations to the customer’s actual utility bills. 

Our Home Auditor tool can generate PDFs that satisfy various utility, state and regional requirements for new installs and retrofits. The files can be shared and uploaded into other programs or automated or semi-automated validation software programs to process energy rebates or for other government requirements.  There is a scaled-down consumer-interface portion that companies can place on their website as a customer engagement tool.  The program is compliant with NYSERDA’s home performance rebate program.

This is an advanced tool, designed for use by professional auditors doing thorough assessments. By drawing data from various online public sources, we help auditors assess a home’s Heat Bleed and create a customized energy profile. Some variances in computed estimates may exist.

14 day free trial

In app and video tutorials available

Home Auditor


The Auditor program is $180/year per user. Your user license will automatically renew annually unless cancelled.